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We'll be adding more features in the near future, but for now you can access all the old features with a new interface.


The interface for the Clubroom is all new. Now you can more easily manage your reservations and see who has it. Take it out for a spin today.

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Meeting Minutes

All of the minutes to date have been converted to a new all HTML display version for easier access.

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Hardship Leasing

Currently, 870 Inman has reached is capacity on rental units. Owners who need to lease out their unit due to a hardship, need to request permission from the Board of Directors.

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Property Manager

Kristy Cowell
(404) 371-9740

Kristy is usually in the office Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9-5 PM.

Board of Directors

Here is your Board of Directors

President CJ Sinar
Vice-President Nick Scott
Secretary Chelsea Williams
Treasurer Chris Cox
Member at Large Alison Yee