Meeting called to order Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 1:08 p.m. via teleconference. Quorum established.


Hunter Ford, Darius Hodge, Brandon Burke, CJ Sinar, Brad Davis, and Kristy Cowell


Safety Issues

The Board discussed several safety issues of concern to residents and after evaluating options: resolved to hold off on installation of speed bumps in the garage in favor of posting 10mph speed limit signs and encouraging residents to report violations; resolved to forego installation of security cameras in the garage because of lack or resident support and excessive cost for their installation and maintenance; resolved to continue efforts to for installing additional lighting on the exterior of the building, for which Kristy has obtained options and pricing; and resolved to obtain a bid for a security door and mag lock for the exterior door by the pool.

Pool Chairs

The Board has approved the purchase of six new pool chairs, and arrival is expected in less than three weeks. The pricing is $1,596.00 plus $190.00 for shipping.

Cable In Fitness Center

The treadmills in the 870 Fitness Center are no longer receiving cable. Kristy has discussed the issue with Comcast and determined that the treadmills were not part of the building?s cable package. By the end of next week, Comcast will provide the Board with options to continue cable in the fitness room.

Master Association Water Fees

Hunter Ford and Kristy Cowell have discussed water overcharges to 870 from the Master Association. It was resolved that the Master Association will pay for these specified charges and that 870 will not be charged.

Water Usage In Vacant Units

Kristy Cowell is investigating supposed water usage in supposedly vacant units in the building and will update the Board on her findings.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 1:52 p.m., with the next meeting to occur one month later or at such time as the Board deems necessary in accordance with the by-laws.