Meeting called to order December 12, 2012, at 7:11 p.m. in the 870 Inman Clubroom by the Association President, Darius Hodge. No quorum could be established. Kristy explained that without a quorum the budget is automatically approved via Board Member approval.


It was announced that the Board is combatting gnat issues with an entomologist and weekly treatments; that Hunter has redesigned the 870 Inman website and added new functionality; that there will be an increase in the HOA dues, the first time this has happened in the building.


CJ Sinar, Treasurer of the Board of Directors, presented the proposed budget and discussed the key areas of increase, followed by an open floor for questions and answers.


No elections due to lack of quorum. All terms carryover.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m. due to lack of quorum.