Meeting called to order Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 7:02 p.m. in the 870 Inman Clubroom by the Association President, Hunter Ford; quorum established.


Brandon Burke, Brad Davis, Hunter Ford, Darius Hodge, Kayron Warren


Approval of Previous Minutes

Minutes of the November 23, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting approved

Installation of Officers

Hunter Ford
Darius Hodge
Brandon Burke
Brad Davis
Kayron Warren

Committee Appointments

The Board discussed creating the following committees, with membership of each committee to consist of at least one Director plus other residents:

  • Architectural & Grounds
  • Communications
  • Legal
  • Social
  • Security
  • Financial

During the discussion, the Board resolved to dissolve the Legal and Financial committees on the basis that matters relevant to those proposed committees could be dealt with best on an ad hoc basis.

The Board appointed the following Board members as chairs of the remaining committees:

Architectural & Grounds
Kayron Warren
Hunter Ford
Darius Hodge and Brandon Burke, co-chairs; Hunter Ford, committee member
Brad Davis, chair; Kayron Warren, committee member

Hunter Ford will send out an email to 870 Inman residents notifying them of creation of these committees and soliciting residents? interest in participating on these committees.

Security Door

The Board discussed the need to fix the exterior door on the side of the 870 complex facing Mariposa Lofts. The Board unanimously approved for Kristy Cowell to proceed with obtaining price quotes to fix the door.

TV Mount

The Board discussed options and costs for a mount to secure the recently purchased TV that will be placed in the 870 Clubroom. Options included a $150 padlock and a $200 alarm apparatus [need to confirm these prices]. The Board unanimously resolved to purchase the alarm apparatus. The Board also unanimously resolved to proceed with installation of the mount and TV following completion of repairs to the security door adjacent to Mariposa Lofts.

New Insurance Policy

The Board discussed insurance policy quotes for coverage on the 870 Inman complex. These quotes had been provided by State Farm and Nationwide.

State Farm
Annual premium of $32,400
Annual premium of $28,882

Although the Nationwide quote was substantially less than the quote from State Farm, the Nationwide policy would require 870 Inman to absorb 10% of the cost of any loss covered by Nationwide?s policy. Based on this factor and State Farm?s track record of competitive pricing and prompt/fair claim resolution, the Board unanimously approved approval and purchase of the State Farm policy.

AT&T U-Verse

The Board discussed options relating to the installation of AT&T?s U-Verse in 870 Inman. U-Verse is a bundle package of phone, internet, and television services provided by AT&T that would provide residents with an alternative to Comcast. The pricing of U-Verse is roughly comparable to Comcast?s pricing.

The Board also discussed the need to review Comcast?s Agreement with 870 Inman to confirm whether installing U-Verse would violate that Agreement.

The Board resolved to review the Comcast Agreement; to obtain further information from AT&T about the nature and pricing of U-Verse; and to revisit this issue at a later Board meeting.

870 Inman Website

The Board discussed concepts and prototypes of a new website for 870 Inman. The 870 Inman website is currently geared more to marketing and selling vacant units, but now that most units have been sold, it is now more appropriate to make the website more useful to existing residents. The Board resolved to continue developing a new 870 Inman website.

Neighborhood Discount Card

The Board discussed attempting to work with local businesses in Inman Park to obtain exclusive discounts for 870 Inman residents, possibly in the form of some type of card that would be issued to 870 Inman residents and accepted at local establishments. The Board resolved to start approaching local businesses to gauge their interest in participating in such a program.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:45 p.m., with the next meeting to occur one month later or at such time as the Board deems necessary in accordance with the by-laws.