Meeting called to order Tuesday, August 10, 2010, at 7:00 p.m. in the 870 Clubroom by the Association President, Hunter Ford; quorum established


Hunter Ford, Darius Hodge, Brandon Burke, Brad Davis, and Kristy Cowell

Kayron Warren, absent, gave prior notification


Approval of Previous Minutes

Minutes of Wednesday, June 30, 2010 Board of Directors meeting approved.


The Board discussed the need to step up enforcement of towing in the garage for improperly parked cars, primarily cars parked across from the doors to the elevators. Such cars cannot be seen by other drivers as they round the corners. Kristy Cowell will send one final notice to residents regarding this and will also post notices on both levels of the garage. The Board and Kristy have the phone number for the towing service and also have the password to use.

Emergency Evacuation of Disabled Residents

The Board discussed the need to make sure that disabled residents are able to quickly exit the building in case of emergency. Previously, Kristy has arranged for other residents who live close to disabled residents to assume this responsibility. However, some of these volunteers have recently moved out, and this duty needs to be reassigned. Kristy will give some thought to this issue and see whether she can make new arrangements.

Trash/Odor/Pest Control

The Board discussed recent measures concerning odor and gnats related to the dumpster area. With the Board?s oversight, Kristy has been looking into options [Hunter ? can you clarify this? I have in my notes that we were trying to get time extended re: the $199 cost, but they?re not as clear as I should have been]. If the system on trial eliminates odors and pests as promised, we can expect to save money by reducing the number of times the dumpster is emptied.

Pool Chairs

The Board has determined that purchasing additional pool chairs is not possible. Since this topic was brought up, there have been several unexpected, large expenses (e.g. sprinkler-system repairs) that had to be addressed. Paying for these expenses has depleted the amount of discretionary funds that the Board intended to use to purchase pool chairs. However, the Board did authorize the purchase of one umbrella for the table by the pool.

Moving Deposits

The Board discussed whether to require residents who are moving in or out to pay deposits to cover any damage, particularly to the elevators. This was prompted by several recent instances of damage to the elevators, particularly the lattice work on the top of the elevators. Although the Board agrees that this would be desirable, enforcement would be difficult. Most moving activity occurs on the weekends or after business hours and would thus not be able to be monitored by property management.

Board Access to Bank Account and Financial Records

The Board discussed the need to have monthly bank account and financial information sent to them. These reports are currently available for review in the business office, and the Board discussed approving expenditures for updated office equipment so that it can receive these reports via email. Hunter Ford and Kristy Cowell will further discuss the best methods to make this happen.

Reserve Account

The Board discussed moving the capital reserve to a higher interest yielding account. Brandon Burke and Kristy Cowell will further discuss options.

Delinquent Homeowner Dues

The Board discussed one homeowner who has become delinquent on paying HOA dues for the second time this year. This homeowner is currently three months behind and has not provided any intention of paying past due amounts or entering into a payment plan. The Board desires to work with this resident to achieve a mutually acceptable solution, but the Board decided to send this homeowner the notice of delinquency required by the governing documents and to take appropriate measures to resolve this situation. Brad Davis and Kristy Cowell are preparing the notice.

Explanation of Budget Line Items

The Board discussed with Kristy Cowell certain line items in the budget and clarified the purposes of several monthly expenditures. No revisions to the budget are being contemplated at this time.

Clubroom Reservation Procedures

The Board discussed the need to clarify the procedure for reserving the 870 Clubroom for activities and functions hosted by residents. Hunter Ford is handling this and is working to integrate the website reservation procedure and will post a notice in the mailroom directing residents who wish to reserve the clubroom to the appropriate web address for doing so.

HVAC Issues

The Board discussed how some residents have recently brought to the attention of property management that certain units have been experiencing malfunctions with their HVAC units. At this time, there does not seem to be enough units affected to indicate the existence of any widespread problem. Most instances appear to be the result of improper maintenance. For any resident having such an issue or otherwise concerned about the functioning of their unit, property management is directing them to Triad, an HVAC vendor that charges $35 for an annual HVAC inspection.

Appropriate Forum for Residents to Raise Concerns

The Board discussed the need to clarify the appropriate forum to raise issues and concerns regarding 870 Inman. There is currently a Google Group related to 870 Inman. However, this is not an official forum. The Board will notify Google Group users that the proper procedure to raise any issues is by contacting property management, or alternatively, the Board directly at

Completed Repairs and Maintenance

The Board discussed the recent completion of shower repairs, balcony painting and repairs, window washing, and carpet spot-cleaning. These matters have all been completed and there do not appear to be any outstanding issues at this time.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m., with the next meeting to occur two months later or at such time as the Board deems necessary in accordance with the bylaws.