870 Inman

Open Letter from Management and the Board of Directors

Posted by Hunter Ford on August 27, 2010

We wanted to touch base on a few topics that have been brought to our attention lately.

  • Google Group/Communication: the 870 Inman Google Group is not a medium for official communication.

    Neither the Board of Directors nor 870 Inman Management will respond to questions, comments, or issues raised on the Google group. The best way to have your question, issue, or concern properly addressed is to contact either Management or the Board of Directors. Management's contact has remained posted over the last few years, and is noted below; contact information for each Board member is available on the official 870 Inman website, reachable at 870inman.org. Also, to reach the Board of Directors as a whole, which we highly encourage, you can address your email to directors@870inman.org

    Please contact any of us at anytime with your concerns or questions. We will respond in a timely manner.

  • Budget: HOA dues are established in a multi-family building to cover expenses incurred by the building.

    These include but are not limited to common area cleaning, common area utilities, pool maintenance, gate and access control repairs, salaries for maintenance and management staff, trash removal, recycling, roof and HVAC maintenance, building insurance, and master association dues (insurance). The Board, along with Management, creates and reviews the budget annually. The budget becomes effective at the annual meeting by an approval vote of a majority of the total association membership. The budget is created using the previous year's expenses plus any projected expenses. If there is an unexpected expense that arises during the year, then this would be included in the next year's budget, if appropriate.

  • Housekeeping: the responsibilities of the housekeepers are to maintain the common areas of the building.

    They are not here to pick up after pool parties or any other event that homeowners and/or their tenants have. Homeowners/tenants are responsible for picking up after themselves. If you drop trash, please pick it up. If you spill something, please clean it up. This is your investment. Your return on that investment hangs on how well you take care of it now.

If you see a fellow homeowner or tenant damaging the building or breaking a rule, please notify Management and/or the Board so that the proper actions may be taken.