870 Inman

Security Concerns

Posted by Kristy Cowell on August 16, 2012

Management (per the Board of Directors and several owner's requests) met with a professional security company to get pricing for their security services.

At this time, the cost is not feasible with the current budget. Security for the building for 8 hours at just 3 nights a week would cost approximately $1,600.00 per month. As most of you are aware the dues have never been raised at 870 Inman from the initial budget; therefore, items that were not budgeted cannot be paid for unless it is decided that a Special Assessment should be charged to each Owner to cover this cost.

The dues are already going up for the 2013 year to cover the normal building expenses and given the age of the building there could be additional unexpected costs that must be taken care of which could incur. The cost to hire an off duty police officer is anywhere from $35-$45 an hour approximately $3,360.00-$4,520.00 per month. A few people have mentioned that apartment communities have off duty officers but please be aware that is usually an agreement that the officer either gets a free apartment or an apartment at a discounted rate for their service.

Remember that the Annual Meeting is coming up and concerns and issues can be discussed as a building then as well.