870 Inman

Security Storage Units

Posted by CJ Sinar on March 20, 2013

Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to send a quick note to address the issues we’ve had with storage unit security over recent months. First and foremost, we will be adding locks to the main entry doors for each set of storage units as soon as possible. The keys to those doors will only be distributed to residents who own a storage unit. In addition, a couple of suggestions for the future: 1. Please double-check your storage lock to ensure it is secure and the integrity of the lock has not been tampered with. 2. As the owner of a storage unit (and the associated door/lock), feel free to change out the lock if you would like to. 3. If you see any strange activity around the storage units or otherwise, please call 911 ASAP! Thanks and have a great day! ______ CJ Sinar 870 Inman Board of Directors Kristy Cowell Director of Association Management Parkside Management Company 1401 Peachtree Street , Suite 430, Atlanta, GA 30309 | Cell 404-784-6471 404-371-9740 | 404.371-9741 fax | kristy.cowell@parksidemgt.com