870 Inman

870 Inman Updates

Posted by Kristy Cowell on July 22, 2015

Good Afternoon, Pool Chairs – Please know, we are aware of the condition of the pool chairs. We have spent months working with the Furniture Representative on an affordable solution and an explanation of why they have deteriorated the way they have….. We were finally informed we could buy just the sling replacements (the fabric that is ripped) and not have to replace the entire chairs which is a very large expense. We have replaced two just to make sure that the slings were easy to install and what we were looking for and they were. The rest have been ordered and hopefully will be here any day. We apologize that it has taken this long to resolve this situation. Pool Rules Sign – The Sign Company, that did the original signage for 870, is re-creating the original Pool Rules sign (which was stolen off the stucco wall by the 911 phone) and should have it back up where it once was very soon. We will then get rid of the not so pretty metal one. Pressure Washing – We began pressure washing the pool deck and other areas that needed it around the building a few months back. We will start back up around the building as soon as it cools down just a bit. Common Area Interior Painting – Jeff has been repairing any damaged walls and painting the white walls on each floor. He has finished 5,4 and 3 and will be finished with the other floors shortly. He then will begin on 5 and work his way down again on the rust/darker colored walls around each door. As always, please let me know if you notice anything that needs attention or if you have any questions or concerns! Enjoy the rest of the week! Kristy