870 Inman

Garage Break In Update

Posted by Kristy Cowell on July 22, 2015

Good Afternoon, I was just informed, by the APD, that one of the stolen vehicles (the blue Hyundai) that entered the garage last week, to vandalize vehicles, was apprehended in a High Speed Chase Friday on 285. There were 4 males in the vehicle which were taken into custody. There was another vehicle involved in the chase (I wasn’t given the Make/Model of this vehicle), each of the people in this vehicle were also taken into custody. I did try and find information about this online but was unable to. I reached out to Investigator Gurley for confirmation. Garage Gate – The Board has approved, when/if the gate breaks moving forward, we will coordinate with an off duty Atlanta Police Officer to patrol the garage during the night through early morning hours. When I discussed this with the APD, they said that this will really only be possible if the gate breaks early enough in the day or evening to be able to secure an off duty officer. We are still ironing out some of the details but hope to have this in force very soon. Thank you, Kristy Cowell Community Management Associates Georgia | South Carolina | Tennessee CMA Main 404.835.9100 | 404.358-0357 direct www.cmacommunities.com